Eve 6 is an American rock and pop punk band originating from California. They are most well known for the singles Inside Out and Here's to the Night. They disbanded in 2004, but reformed in 2007 to go on tour, eventually releasing a new album in 2012.

History Edit

The band originally consisted of Max Collins, Jon Siebels, and Nick Meyers. They formed in 1995, with the names Yakoo and later Eleventeen. They recorded an unreleased EP titled Eleventeen (EP), before Nick Meyers left the band. Tony Fagenson joined the band, and, with him being a big fan of the X-Files, gave them the name Eve 6, named after a character from the show.

In 1998, they released their first album, Eve 6, a huge success with singles like Inside Out and Leech. Their next album, Horrorscope, was also a success, but the fame and pressure took their toll on the band members, and they broke up after their third album, It's All In Your Head, was a commercial flop.

Collins and Fagenson started producing for other bands, and also started a side project called The Sugi Tap.

They started touring with new guitarist Matt Bair temporarily replacing Siebels. Finally, the original reunited and released the album Speak In Code.

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